by gill sherry

Sheila A Grant

This jazzy, modern cover is sure to attract readers.
A lively book buzzing with interesting characters, so well-drawn they leap from the pages.
The opening chapter immediately draws the reader into a gripping read with romance, crime, betrayal and some steamy encounters. Football is at the heart of the story, as one would expect from a writer who is a devoted fan of the game.
Her second novel sees the Kelly family in different circumstances but readers can enjoy this one without having read the first.
Crawford and Florentina are living a life of luxury in the French Riviera after his unwanted departure from his previous job as manager of a Premiership football team. He is restless and bored devoid of his favourite sport, but confident he will shortly be offered a job as manager of another big club.
Having Crawford at home contents Florentina. Away from the high life attached to top team football, he has less temptation to stray. Crawford is a womaniser who finds it nigh impossible to resist long legs and scant clothes, especially if their owner gives him the eye!
At last, the long awaited managerial offer arrives… from a women’s team!
While Florentina hides her amusement, Crawford’s anger soars, refusing a job he deems beneath him. But with persuasion and no further offers he returns to the UK to meet the Middle Eastern owner of his new team. It’s not a comfortable meeting. Abdullah treats him with coolness, making it known he is familiar with every detail of Crawford’s life, past and present. The meeting ends with Crawford trying to hide his fury, Abdullah’s words ringing in his ears… “Whatever it is you’re hiding, I will find out”.
Will Crawford temper his anger as usual, in the arms of a woman, or will he remain loyal to Florentina?
Florentina remains in France, surprised by the unexpected meeting of a former lover. The memories are warmly exciting and his flattery and attention titillating. Should she agree to resuming their affair? It was disturbing… “like taking a long forgotten book from the shelf, blowing off the dust and nudging the chapters back to life”.
Missing her family, she is vulnerable. Abi, their daughter, is a top model but she and her mother have never been close. Thomas, their son, has returned to his life as a successful artist living on the west coast of Ayrshire with his beloved dog. He and his father have never bonded, the result of Crawford’s bitter disappointment in his son’s total lack of enthusiasm for football.
Unbeknown to Crawford, Thomas witnessed his father commit a crime and secretly disposed of an item of evidence. This weighs heavily on his mind and his conscience.
Meanwhile, Crawford is determined to see his new team in the top league but Abdullah’s ominous threats darken his mood, increasing his need for diversion. Are his movements being watched and reported upon? What if Abdullah guesses the effect that Amira, his daughter, and a member of the team, has on him?
Who is the homeless man who appears briefly in cameos? He has an item that would incriminate Crawford. And what about the graffiti at the villa? The dead cat? Is there a link in these dark events?
The Kelly family is the focus of this book but a wide cast of interesting friends and colleagues add interest to the relationships and steamy scenes!
I loved this book with its perfectly poised humour and entertaining puns. Raunchy? Yes… but so very entertaining.
I suspect it may have been written with tongue firmly in cheek. But whatever the writer’s approach, the result is a cleverly constructed tale, a real page turner, that left this reader feeling good!
I look forward to the next one.
Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-80016-551-9
Length: 350
Price: £11.99