S3 Mural – Riverside Sports Arena

The Art and Design department at Ayr Academy was approached by Active Schools to be involved in the creation of a mural. This mural was to be painted on a retaining wall at the side of the running track, on a wall that faces towards the spectator stand so would be seen by many people using the facility.

The arena features some of the best sporting facilities around, with an eight-lane 400m running track, a six-lane 60m indoor running track, and a field events area. The arena also boasts a 3G all-weather pitch, alongside fully accessible changing areas, reception and a social area.

Mrs Cairns, principal teacher of Art and Design at Ayr Academy, made a few site visits to prepare for pupils.

The mural wall is 54 metres long. It was whitewashed using masonry paint and then painted with a combination of spray paint and coloured masonry paint.

Pupils went through the process of researching possible images to use in terms of the sports that would be undertaken at this facility. We worked from images including athletics, rugby and football. There was much involved in the planning stage where pupils considered the figures they wanted to include. Each pupil had a section to work on which was then joined to create the 54-metre image. Pupils were advised to add background details using silhouettes of buildings from North Ayr then finally added abstract shapes and patterns to fill space. Each section also had to include a track running through which would connect all sections to create continuity.
Artist, musician and professional walrus chaser, Tragic O’Hara, advised pupils throughout the creation of the mural, teaching them necessary skills for their creation. Pupils had a few sessions with Tragic before embarking on the real thing. They got a feel for spray painting using blending techniques and sharpening edges to create a clean finish. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed working with spray paint!
Pupils were involved in many painting sessions while dodging poor weather. Whether they were in a design team, drawing team, white washing or spray painting, these were the pupils involved:

Josef Cooper 3C1
Emma Lawrie 3C1
Sophie Renwick 3C1
Kaylyn Donaghy 3K1
Millie McIntyre 3K1
Eryn Reid 3K1
Zander McCormick 3K1
Katie Cavens 3K2
Katja Dempsey 3G1
Jodi Lee Sloan 3K2
Tayla Caldwell 3G1
Robert McConnell 3K2
Kara Nelson 3G2
Calvin Renwick 3G1
Jessica Burinski 3G2
Billy Fraser 3K2