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Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce Launch New Training Programme and Affiliated Training Partners for 2023/24

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce is excited to launch our exclusive programme of Training and Development sessions throughout 2023/24.
Ayrshire Chamber is a completely independent and not for profit organisation with over 800 members. We have one straightforward objective, to encourage, promote and facilitate business between our members and others, in the local, national and international business networks. We aim to represent the best interests of the community by encouraging commercial growth and local prosperity.
Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce has been successfully delivering training and development to businesses in Ayrshire and beyond for over ten years. We are now building on that successful track record by partnering with our new cohort of specialist Training Partners, who are each expert in their fields, to ensure that we bring the most up-to-date thinking in the learning and development area to support business growth and drive forward innovative thinking.
We are delighted to introduce our new training partners for 2023/24:

  • ActionCoach
  • Arena HR Ltd
  • Evergrow Coaching
  • Holly Blue Creative
  • Lean On Me Associates Ltd
  • MACTU Training
  • Making Conversations Count Ltd
  • Meghan Downs Copywriting
  • NOVO Leadership
  • People Puzzles
  • Sales Geek
  • Speed of Light Digital

Our training covers a diverse range of areas including Skills for Business, Management, Leadership and HR, Business Finance & Accounting, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Health and Wellbeing.
At Ayrshire Chamber, we understand that businesses thrive when equipped with the right knowledge and skills. That’s why we are offering an engaging calendar featuring over 30 business training courses, all available to our members.
The most powerful asset of any business is people. Investment in the training and development of your people is an investment in the future success of your business.
To find out more about our Training and Development please visit https://www.ayrshire-chamber.org/events/training-development-programme or contact