by Amber Bass, Interior Designer

We recognise the importance of establishing trust and a great working relationship with our clients. We explore the aims and ambitions our clients have for their project but, furthermore, we consider their lifestyle, personality and take inspiration from their collection of artwork and home furnishings.

When redecorating or changing your kitchen it can be quite daunting to look at a paint chart and have to choose the right colour, especially from a tiny swatch. Or feeling the pressure to follow current trends, which might not be to your taste. This is why it can be easy to play it safe and pick a neutral colour that you know will look nice, but perhaps doesn’t reflect your personality or style.

In this case we knew our clients liked to be bold, with lots of colour and an eclectic mix of furniture. They really wanted to make a statement and add lots of detailed design elements to their family kitchen.

This is one of the most used rooms in their home, and they really wanted it to be vibrant and fun, just like the rest of their house. As you can see, this kitchen flows through to their family living area.

One of our main sources of inspiration was from a piece of artwork which has particular significance for our clients.

Through the use of 3D rendered visuals and textured mood boards we gave our clients the confidence to be bold with the colours on their painted kitchen cabinetry. Mixing different tones of blue along with the oak and copper finishes.

Our clients also wanted to bring in some areas of subtle pattern so we sourced some eclectic patterned floor tiles and used these to zone and frame the kitchen island.

We even went as far as to take the piece of art in question from their family living space and have it printed onto a glass splashback (as you can see above the ovens). Thus, linking all the colours together.

To keep the room feeling vibrant and bright we suggested keeping the walls light (off white so it doesn’t feel clinical) and painted the skirtings and facings a light grey colour, which can really ground the room when the walls are off white.

Using the vibrant blue on the ceiling bulkhead to mirror the room gives this space a sense of balance and highlights the lovely copper light fittings.

We were very aware our clients didn’t want the kitchen to feel dark, with the blue tones on the cabinetry. Using light quartz worktops works really well to reflect lots of light and keep the room feeling fresh and bright.

Our clients are thrilled with their bold kitchen and really pleased they don’t have an “off the shelf” looking kitchen. Their entire home really reflects their personality, bringing fun and colour to every room.

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