Bifold and Sliding Doors Scotland

Local company, universal style and quality

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or spec-out your new house, fitting modern, thermally efficient doors and windows from Prestwick-based Bifold and Sliding Doors Scotland (‘BSD’ for short) is a great way to enhance not only the appearance of your home but also help to keep the heat in and the heating bills down. It’s also an effective way to make your home more attractive to purchasers when it comes time to sell it. In other words, it’s an investment for the future that you can use right now.

Formed in 2015, BSD specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke door and window systems for both the building trade and the general public. Their showroom next to Prestwick Airport is open from Monday to Friday, and BSD’s staff will be happy to show visitors examples of the company’s products and advise them of the available options in terms of style, material, and cost.

Explaining his company’s commitment to quality and service, Derek Shennan, BSD’s Managing Director, says, “Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do, and to that end our focus is on producing high quality products that are not only stylish but are also durable, sustainable, and tailored to meet the wishes, requirements and budgets of our customers.”

As for the products themselves, who better to tell us about them than Derek himself:

“Although their name, Bi-folding Doors, says it all in terms of what they do, it barely hints at just how flexible, elegant and efficient they are. Noted for the ease and flexibility of access and egress they offer, our aluminium bi-folding doors instantly lift and modernise the appearance of your home. They’re available with a choice of double or triple glazing and the door frames are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to put your own stamp on your home’s appearance.

“Ideal for larger openings, Adaptive Sliding Doors not only offer uninterrupted views but also let in lots of beneficial natural light. Contemporary in appearance, our sliding door units have been designed to provide optimum strength and weather resistance. Again, a wide variety of colours are available, and customers can even choose to have the ultimate in personalisation by having the outer and inner frames painted in different colours.

“And while we’re talking about doors, we also manufacture made-to-measure Front Doors. These are made from glass-reinforced polymer and offer traditional looks with the safety, durability, and insulation levels conferred by making them using modern materials.

“We also supply and manufacture Windows, Skylights and Roof lights. Available with either aluminium or Spectral uPVC frames, our windows feature a slimline design that’s optimised for both strength and style. And along with our skylights and rooflights, they’re bespoke units, tailored to suit your home and your requirements. Naturally, they’re available with either double or triple glazing and in an extensive range of colours.

“Timber Sliding Sash Windows, suitable for not only modern houses but also listed properties and those located in conservation areas, are another of our specialities. Produced in engineered, finger-jointed accoya and red maranti hardwoods, they’re designed to offer traditional style allied to modern durability. And, of course, they’re available in a choice of colours.

“Our latest product, one that we’re thrilled to offer, is AluSpace Interior Screens and Doors, an aluminium-framed, glazed interior screen and door system. Available with sliding screens and hinged or sliding doors, AluSpace offers maximum style and space efficiency whilst also letting in light and keeping out unwanted noise. The result: light and airy interiors with room dividers whose contemporary design perfectly complements our window and door ranges. And like all of our products, AluSpace is made to measure.”

Bifold and Sliding Doors Scotland
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