by Amber Bass, Interior Designer

Gilded accents can be a great way to bring a touch of luxury and charisma to your home.

We are still seeing a huge trend for gold interior finishes; they are timeless and ooze style. Above all, gold brass finishes add warmth and a certain sophistication to any room.

There are many ways to add gold touches to your home and these are a few of the ways which we are incorporating this into our client projects.

Whether it’s cabinet handles or door handles this is a subtle way to bring a touch of gold to your room and can be easily continued throughout your home. These Buster and Punch brass handles offer a high end look through mixing two different textures of brass together.

Sockets and Switches:
These brushed brass contemporary sockets and switches are unforgettable and bring a sense of prestige each time you need to switch on a light or socket. A subtle, yet noticeable, interior design feature.

Sinks and Taps:
Kitchens are a great space for incorporating gold or brass finishes. Gold sinks have become increasingly popular over the last few years, along with a complementary tap. Usually these are paired with brass kitchen handles, which brings the room together.

Kitchen Worktops:
This can be a very luxurious and unexpected way of bringing gold touches to your kitchen. You can be as bold or as subtle as you like with this one. From the Silestone Ethereal Glow Quartz (which is light and beautifully delicate) to the Dekton Laurent Ceramic worksurface (which is dark with bold contrasting gold veining).

Bathroom Brassware:
Bathrooms can quite often feel clinical and cold if they are fully tiled, or at least they used to. In recent years bathrooms have become much more decorative and often have a ’boutique hotel’ feel to them. Brushed gold brassware brings a relaxing warmth to a bathroom. Keeping the taps, shower and accessories all in the same finish adds continuity and a touch of high-end design.

Lighting is a fantastic accessory to incorporate this noble metal. It can be a stunning focal feature to any room through the use of striking pendant lighting or it can be subtle ambient lighting instead, via decorative wall lights.

When choosing the finishing touches for your home it’s important to make sure all of the tones and textures complement each other, that’s not to say they all have to be exactly the same finish, however. When choosing gold or brass finishes for our clients we stick to a brushed brass look, rather than shiny gloss which, in the wrong place, can look slightly kitsch. It’s also important to remember the style you would like to achieve – a more modern home would suit the flat matt contemporary finishes, whereas an older property can be enhanced by an aged brass finish with a more classic timeless style.