Prestwick’s Cosiest Cafe

With the long winter nights creeping in and the chill in the air chasing us indoors, we all look to our
favourite cafés and eateries to while away the days avoiding the wet and windy weather. Bramley’s, based on Prestwick Main Street, have carefully curated their menu and drinks selections to help us through the not-so-mild months.

Chef, Chaz Adair, explains, “We offer anything from your typical breakfast to high-end brunch as well as cakes, loaves and scones.” They also have a wide range of loose-leaf teas from peppermint to delicious berry in addition to a tasty variety of flavoured coffees including gingerbread, toffee, vanilla, and many more to put some much-needed heat in your bones.

He goes on to clarify, “French Toast is our signature dish.

You can pick what type of topping you want and make it your own. On the sweeter side of things, it’s definitely our biggest hitter, especially with the younger crowd. When it comes to our savoury options, I’m hoping that the new Shakshuka dish will do well but for the moment our sweet potato stack is our biggest seller as well as our eggs benedict. We’ve got eight or nine different benedict’s that are all quite popular.”


On top of these delicious, hearty dishes they also serve all the café classics with soups, sandwiches, toasties and filled rolls on offer.

Chaz comes from a fine dining background and has taken his experience and channelled this into Bramley’s menu. “I like the food to look a certain way. Presentation is absolutely everything. People eat with their eyes first.” He’s been with the team for over a year now and has more than settled into the role, describing them as one big family.

Speaking of families, Bramley’s is a family run business by the mother and daughter duo, Libby and Cheryl, who you will find working away behind the till and serving customers. Libby’s other daughter Ashley also had a large part to play in helping set up the café and still works behind the scenes, giving advice when she can.

Personal touches from their home life have snuck their way into the café in the form of an eclectic range of teapots, dotted across the shelves. Cheryl recalls the first one being bought when she was five years old and how they have collected them ever since. One of their regulars even brought in one to add to their growing collection.

Two years ago, they opened thirteen days prior to lockdown before having to shut again. Once lockdown finished, they reopened their doors and their bout of bad luck passed as they have spent the last year and a half building up a loyal customer base who return time and again. Familiar faces are the norm there with the team even worrying about some of their regulars if they haven’t come in for their coffee and scone by a certain time.

Chaz mentioned, “Of all the places I have worked, I’ve never seen so many regulars. There are dozens, if not more, who we see near enough every day. We are on a first-name basis with most, with a lot of them ordering the same food every single day and we’ll always have a good chat. They feel like they are part of the family as well.”

Cheryl describes the rest of the team as being like an extension of their family as they work so closely together. “We’re a tight-knit and close team.” Emma who leads the part time team along with Cheryl is a great support, while other members include Sean, Janice and Mia. All not only serve the customers but
put forward suggestions on how Bramley’s can move with the trends. They also recently took on two new starts, Emma and Ava, who are settling in well and enjoying their new roles. Chaz added that Libby’s husband will sometimes assist him in the kitchen when needed so it’s very much a ‘pitch in where you can’ attitude within the team.

Going forward in the kitchen, Chaz is focusing on keeping the food fresh but also changing with the times and always staying relevant while maintaining the traditional café feel. Outside of the kitchen, they have a brilliant outdoor space that makes for the perfect suntrap come the summer months.
So come rain or shine, Bramley’s is the perfect spot to pop in for a quick bite to eat or spend time catching up over a coffee. You will find them at 120 Main Street, Prestwick, KA9 1PB. Libby and the team are more than ready to welcome you through their doors.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
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A choice of homemade soups including the popular Cullen Skink, Sandwiches, and Toasties.

Lookout for our exciting new brunch dishes including shakshuka…

With plenty choice of Cake, Traybakes or Scones, delicious Italian Aroma Coffee and Bramleys Loose Leaf Blended Teas (lots to choose from) – also available in retail packs.