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Liam Farrelly

The Scottish Comedian Talks Gigs, Gongs and Green Rooms


From the Inner Hebrides to the global stage, Skerryvore’s light continues to shine

Sam McKnight

The celebrity hair stylist talks to am

Midge Ure

The Ultravox frontman on Glasgow, London and Largs

Kevin Clifton

At ten years old, Kevin Clifton became obsessed with Baz Luhrmann’s film, Strictly Ballroom.

Explore Kilmarnock

Explore Kilmarnock - Ayrshire Magazine Dean Castle

Explore Kilmarnock

nce known for its weavers and carpet markets, Kilmarnock is probably best known for being the original home of Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker. But that’s not its only claim to fame.

The Bowie Park Training Facility

Billy Bowie’s commitment to Kilmarnock Football Club has never been in question, but recently
revealed plans for a state of the art training facility on the outskirts of the town is further proof

Mccallum Bagpipes

We’re all familiar with the unique sound of bagpipes, but have you ever thought about how they’re actually made?


Fashion & Beauty by Rule42 Boutique

Dean Castle

The maid-servant’s foot taps the pedal in time to her heartbeat. Atop the distaff lies golden flax, tied with her favourite ribbon. Her fingers tease the yellow fibres towards the spinning wheel in a gentle motion. What happens next is unknown.

The story of my home town

Kilmarnock remains a friendly, welcoming west coast town. Centred in farmland but with a short trip to the coast or up to Glasgow it is a fine location.

The Kilmarnock Music Scene

Long before we all had PCs and mobile phones, how did the youth fill their time? Well, if I had a Tardis I
would take you back to Kilmarnock in the mid 1980s.

George Duff

When George Duff retired from his sales career in 2014 the last thing he expected to do was set
up a business selling stag heads. Eight years later, Hummingbird Sculptures is thriving and George
couldn’t be happier.

issue 048

The Coral Scottish Grand National

The roar of the 18,000 crowd creates a dramatic soundtrack as up to 30 racehorses gallop round the four mile course of the Coral Scottish Grand National negotiating 27 fences on the way.

Kilmarnock Harriers

Still Going Strong

Cluarankwai Judo Club

Practicing the martial art of judo since 1949

Lee Bullen

The Ayr United Manager talks to AM


There was an emergency when driving to The Woods, a site near Alva, when a red light began flashing on the dashboard. With no handbook and all words on screen in Japanese, I was up a creek without a paddle! A sign with directions to a campervan dealer near Perth saw me swing off the A9 into a forecourt full of impressively luxurious vans. Had I gone through the looking glass? I approached the receptionist in the plush entrance.


(Young) Man of Many Cars


Travel is firmly back with few if any restrictions left in place. But, having had a few years of people not travelling, I am finding that more and more clients are booking what I call BUCKET LIST EXPERIENCES.

National Museum of Rural Life

A Fun Day Out for the Whole Family

March Hares and Muddy Boots

On a clear day, the striking view of the Ayrshire landscape from Gallowlaw Cairn, outside Newmilns, can take your breath away, as can the walk to reach it. It is an uphill pech for over two miles.

Lizzie and Anna

Sibling donkeys find their forever home

Dream Doors

Small enough to care, big enough to trust

The International Ayr Show

Ayr shorefront is the place to be for this inaugural spectacle taking place on Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September.

Arena Human Resources

“Hands up who likes people!”
My lecturer asked this on day one of my new degree course. I looked around. I wasn’t sure I actually liked people so I kept my hand down.

Investing in local

Introducing Corum’s new Ayr


2023 Ayrshire Market Report

Fabulous Floors

Gone are the days when we would fully carpet our homes. Remember when carpets in bathrooms were a thing? Thank goodness that trend is over.

inside their home

Sometimes it can seem that taking the easy path in life is the best way to go. Who needs additional stress when you are already juggling family life, work life and all the additional balls that it throws at you?

The Bistro

Taste the Best of Scotland at Ayr’s Brand New Eatery

food news

Colour. Flavour. Texture. Fragrance.

Two Way Soft & Crispy Spring Lamb

By Hugh Gallagher INGREDIENTS You will need1 whole shoulder of lamb1 rack of lamb1 eggMilkBreadcrumbs Marinade1/2 sprig thyme leaves1 whole garlic bulb (peeled)Salt and pepper50ml olive oilI tbsp Arran mustard Sauce3 tbsp redcurrant jelly1 tbsp tomato pureeSplash lemon juiceSplash Worcester sauceReserved cooking liquid from the shoulder with the fat removed (should have solidified over night)100ml…

Pegu Club

Created in the 1920s at The Pegu Club, an ex-pat gentleman’s club in Rangoon, Burma. The club was named after the Pegu, a Burmese river, and its members were those Britons who were senior government and military officials at the time.


When we talk about Witchcraft Trials, Salem automatically springs to mind, and the 19 people that were executed there in the 17th century. Until very recently, I, an Ayr native had no idea about the brutality that took place in my hometown but, thanks to Ayr North Time Team and their recent theatre production, Hystayria, I’ve learned that 29 women and one man were tortured and sentenced to death in the streets we walk to this day.

In Conversation With: Harvey Gardner, Filmmaker

There is often a moment in the lives of our favourite artists where they find their own voice. Where the inspiration of the artists before them melt into their own thoughts, feelings, style and unique creative practice. For Glasgow born filmmaker Harvey Gardner, this moment was not a bombastic revelation nor a defining moment of trauma. It was a comment from his most trusted audience; his family.

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra

Musical Director, David Moore, talks to AM

Invited to be Ignited

It’s one of those days. One foot still in winter, a hand grasping for spring like a toddler reaching for sweeties. A liminal day where anything might happen.


The Fergus McCreadie Trio

Heritage Centre Cumnock

We visit a diamond in the coalfields

Cat Action Trust 1977

AM talks to Flora Fleming, founder of the charity’s Ayrshire Branch

A spoonful of sugar…

It was a Sunday morning in August 1975. I was 11 years old. Dad and I always went to church together, but his behaviour that morning was strange.

Rock The Nile

When it comes to a family day out, it doesn’t come much better than Harley’s ‘Rock the Nile’ all day live
music event.

Jerry Taylor

Spring is almost upon us. Soon we shall be gorging on Easter eggs like a dug eating peanut butter, and piling into beer gardens even though it’s still Baltic.

Hannah Macmillan

Ah, finally. The days are getting longer, the mornings brighter. The wind is dropping, the rain is lessening, and everyone’s mood is a little lighter.

Lost and found

I was reading an article recently about the things people had left behind in hotel rooms. This included
a £5,000 bottle of whisky, a 24ct gold photo frame and, most bizarrely of all, two professionally trained sheepdogs.

A day in the life of… a goldsmith

Emma Millar, Goldsmith and Gemstone Setter at Laings Jewellers, has spent the past ten years honing her skills within the industry and is a recent graduate of the prestigious Alexandre School in Antwerp. Her incredible knowledge and skills allow her to add extraordinary elements to bespoke designs at Laings.


A true success story. That’s MKM Kilmarnock which first opened its building supplies and home improvement branch in the town four and a half years ago, and has rapidly expanded ever since.

Monarch Financial Services

Buying a house can be a daunting experience. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, in need of a bigger
property, or looking to enter the buy-to-let market as an investment, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the mortgage.

Tristan Cole Interiors & Moogal Builders

Tristan Cole Interiors and Moogal Builders are trusted businesses already well established throughout Ayrshire.

Haus of Seisay

The new hairdressing academy that’s a cut above

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