Ayrshire’s Award-Winning Wedding Entertainers

Please introduce yourselves to our readers.
Our business is Devotion Weddings. We specialise in professional wedding entertainment throughout Ayrshire, the south of Glasgow and Loch Lomond. Our team is made up of myself (David), Stuart, Mandy, Paul and Barry.

When did you set up Devotion Weddings?
Devotion was formed in 2013.

Would you describe yourselves as wedding planners?
We are wedding planners but it’s not something we do on its own. We wanted to help couples more. They don’t always know the pitfalls to look out for. That’s why we’ve invested heavily over the years in both wedding entertaining and wedding planning.

What services do you provide?
We perform full-day hosting (which is what we specialise in), Master of Ceremonies duties as well as evening receptions DJs, plus an assortment of enhancements.

Is it just weddings that you do?
It’s predominantly weddings but we also do other large scale hotel events such as proms and anniversary parties like silver and golden weddings etc. In total, we do just under 400 events a year.

And you’re recommended by some of the best wedding venues in Scotland?
Yes, we work with a lot of the big hotel chains, especially the Ayrshire ones. All of the RAD venues recommend us such as Lochside House and Brig o’ Doon, The Gailes and The Waterside (SimpsInns), also Enterkine House, Seamill Hydro (now owned by RAD), Kelburn Castle, Culzean Castle, Blairquhan Castle, as well as new venues like Roodlea Barn and The Heron Byre. Plus The Lodge on Loch Lomond.

Tell us about your Best Reception Entertainer Award at the Confetti Awards.
It felt amazing to have won this year! We’ve been runner up twice before, so we were glad this year to get the top spot. There were a lot of great DJs in the category, so we were honoured to be picked. To have won that award when all our peers were there, it definitely meant a lot to us and is testament to the work we do. A lot of fellow suppliers said ‘about time’ and I think that meant more to us than the award!

You mentioned enhancements earlier. Tell us more about those.
These are extra things that add to the day. Photobooths are really popular just now. We also do dry ice which creates the effect of ‘dancing on clouds’ which is good for first dances and goes great with our Cold Spark streams to create a dramatic effect. We also have mood lighting; wireless lights which can be set to wash the venue to match the couple’s colour scheme. We also have light-up letters like ‘Mr & Mrs’ or ‘Just Married’ or ‘Love’. Ours are a bit different because they’re italic rather than square letters. The ‘Just Married’ sits perfectly in front of the top table. Confetti cannons are another popular option, either for first dance or at the end of the night to go out with a bang!

Tell us what sets you apart?
We are passionate about weddings! And I think what we do is quite unique in terms of our “I Do to Last Dance” full-day package. This is what we do full-time, it’s not a pastime or a hobby, it’s the dream job for us and we love it. To be part of someone’s big day is the best feeling ever. Everything we do is about the couple and we collaborate with them to make sure it’s the best day possible. We undertake training every year, as you can never stop learning and that’s what we’re always trying to do.

The best compliment we get is when guests ask us how long we’ve been friends with the bride and groom. That’s the level we want to get to.

How can people get in touch with you?
Via our website, by emailing, by calling 07773453981 or on any of our socials.