Explore Prestwick

What do you think of when you think of Prestwick?

Teeing off at the famous links golf course, perhaps? Or jetting off to Lanzarote on the 14:10 flight from Prestwick Airport? Maybe you imagine dining out in one of the town’s quality eateries?

Fact is, there’s much more to Prestwick than a famous golf course, an international airport and the very popular Main Street.

Did you know, for example, about the historical salt pan houses that stand proud at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club? Or that Charles Rennie Makintosh once stayed in a house in Station Road?

Prestwick has much to brag about, both past and present, including a number of very talented artists. Take Richie Cameron, for example, who creates stunning works of art from ceramic and other materials. And Debbie Campbell, who you may have heard belting out a tune in one of the town’s live music venues. Not forgetting Greta Yorke, the local author who entertains children with her Tartan Witch and other characters.

There is a very strong sense of community within Prestwick where people come together to help and support one another. Billy Herd was a fine example of this community spirit and we pay tribute to Billy in this special Explore Prestwick issue.

As well as supplying and promoting locally made products from its store in the heart of the community, Lavemill Larder is also doing its bit for the environment by offering customers an eco-friendly way to shop. It may not change the world but it’s a small, positive step towards a greener future.

Prestwick certainly has a bright future thanks to the hard work of countless individuals and groups who give their time to the town they love. This issue of Ayrshire Magazine is dedicated to them as a way of saying thank you for their continued hard work and commitment and for keeping the town well and truly on the map.

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