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Sky High

Happy summer to you all! It’s not been the worst one weather wise, and it’s been good to see the local beaches bustling with dog walkers, picnickers, and paddle boarders. We sometimes take for granted that we have the sea right on our doorstep, but it makes me happy to see the sands and the seas full of life. Although, you’ll not catch me going in the water. I’ve been boycotting salt water ever since I watched Jaws. Also, I’m wary about going into the ocean after that shipment of spices was dropped into it. What a waste of thyme.

But this summer, Ayr Beach will be more about the sky than the sea, as the Scottish Air Show is back! What an event to have on our very own doorstep. I always wanted to be a pilot, but I failed because, apparently, I had a really bad altitude. So, I just bought myself an inflatable monkey instead. If I can’t fly a plane, a hot air baboon will have to do.

The Air Show really is a cracking event to be taking place in our hometown. Not only does it bring tens of thousands of people to our shops, bars and restaurants, but it gives the town that feeling of community spirit again. It creates memories for families and young ones. I’ve never been a fan of watching things fly in the sky, but in no way does that mean I am not all for this event. It’s not my scene, but it is a scene that is well and truly needed for Ayr. I’ve got more aeroplane jokes by the way, but I don’t think they’ll land.

It’s great to see the council utilising the Low Green with this and other previous events such as the big festival organised by Ewan McVicar recently. From what I hear, it was a smash hit of a weekend. Again, not my scene at all, but I’m still excited to see bigger and better things come to this town. And credit to Ewan for making it happen. I’d go along to show my support but I’m more of an up-the-top-of-a-hill-with-a-flask-of-tea kinda guy these days than a fluorescent raver.

I’d love to try out my dance moves again someday, but I think my raving days are behind me. The last one I went to was when I was on holiday in Cancun. Everybody loves a Mexican rave. Unfortunately, I feel those days are quickly falling behind me. I guess you could say I’ve got one foot in the rave.

So, if you’re looking for a great day out for all the family, I suggest you take a walk along to Ayr Beach (leave the car or you won’t get home until the next Air Show). Even if you’re not into planes, it is a cracking day out that all ages can enjoy.

A word of warning, though. Please consider your dog’s sensitive ears if you are going to take them with you. It’s very loud and can be scary for a lot of animals. I just wanted to mention dogs because I’ve just got a new one called Milo, and he’s the best pal I’ve ever had. Catch my article in the next edition to hear all about him and how we saved each other’s lives.

Until next time Ayrshire!

Jerry Taylor

Dad Jokes of the month

  1. What flies in the sky and wobbles? A jelly copter.
  2. What’s a pilot’s favourite flavour of crisps? Plane.
  3. I tried to sue the airline for losing my luggage. I lost my case.
  4. Did you hear Keith Richards and Mick Jagger’s plane went down when a goose flew into the engine? Killed two stones with one bird.
  5. I wrote a TV series about poor plane landings. The pilot was awful.