L & M Well Being Consultancy CIC asks the question, “What is self-care and who really knows how to practice it effectively?”

Lorraine O’Rourke and Monica Cooper recognise that Covid and the cost of living crisis have impacted on what was already a scarily stressful world. Worryingly, they constantly observe how more and more people are struggling, but continue to ‘keep going’ until that metaphorical ‘treadmill’ stops working. This is usually at a point when people are in complete denial of what they are experiencing emotionally and their body just stops them physically. This is the body’s way of saying, ‘enough is enough – stop!’

It can be at this point that individuals experience complete fatigue. They are unable to function with the basic of tasks and might go off sick from their work. Why do people get to this point in their lives? Is it because they think they don’t have any other options? This is just one case scenario of many different scenarios that people experience, but an example of how L & M can help.

Lorraine and Monica have a vast amount of experience and offer various services, but at the heart of what they do is always looking at ways of helping people get to a better place in their lives. They facilitate a space and navigate sessions where individuals can, again metaphorically speaking, ‘put everything out on the table’ and have a look at what’s going wrong, what can be changed, tweaks to be made, dreams to become a reality, necessities to become a priority. Lorraine and Monica will be by your side on your journey as you face twists and turns in the road to find your way through the difficulties and issues you need to address.

Their organisation has been established since September 2019 and operates from 12 Alloway Place in Ayr. Lorraine and Monica are professional Counsellors offering counselling, reflective practice, staying well sessions, supervision of Counsellors and other professions. They also offer their Listening Music Therapy (L.M.T.) service, which they developed as a bridge to help people access their emotions and find an alternative way of expressing them. This is currently available via a group or one-to-one.

What well-being training needs do you have as an individual or as an organisation? How do your staff get on with each other? Would they benefit from an informal music-led Team Building day? Give L & M a call to discuss bespoke programmes they can tailor to your teams’ needs. At times your staff may require help with Psychological First Aid or professional attendance at Critical Incidents; Lorraine and Monica can assist with this. For further details of all the services they provide, have a look at their website: www.lmwellbeing.co.uk