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I’ve waited a long time to interview Jack Savoretti so I’m determined that nothing is going to spoil or interrupt our Zoom meeting. My laptop is fully charged, my miniature dachshund is dispatched on a very long walk with my husband, and my inner fan-girl is muted before she has the chance to show me up.


Scotland’s Home of the Year has returned to our screens for a sixth season, this time featuring new regular judge, Danny Campbell, who appraises each property from an architectural point of view.

James Ruppert

James Ruppert embarked on a career as a motoring journalist in the late 1980s and has since gone on to write for just about every car magazine you’ll have heard of as well as some that you haven’t. He’s also written a number of books, appeared on TV and radio and taken home an impressive number of awards.


One of the highlights of Maidens World Ocean Day is, undoubtedly, the return of Scottish wildlife and documentary cameraman, Doug Allan. Doug has been involved with the event since its inception in 2022 and is back again this year to educate and entertain.


Gail Porter has had more than her fair share of ups and downs, most of which she talks about in Hung, Drawn and Portered, her new ‘meet & greet’ tour that includes a date in Stewarton on Sunday 9th June.


Was it Professor Plum, with the candlestick in the library? Or was it Mrs Peacock, with the revolver in the dining room?

Explore South Ayrshire’s Costal Villages


At the edge of our patio, we have a collection of stones. One in particular catches the eye. It has a dominant greenish colour but with a chaos of blue veins running in all directions and when held to the sun, glassy glints. In the hand it is warm and light, soft even, with a peculiarly greasy feel.


World Ocean Day was a concept first proposed in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The intent was to celebrate our connection to the sea and to raise awareness of the vital role the ocean plays in our lives. More importantly, it was introduced to educate people how to protect our precious ocean.


Is there anything better than being out on the water on a sunny day? Nicola Burns, Chair of Dunure Coastal Rowing and Water Sports Club, doesn’t
think so.


Over many years, I have visited numerous Scottish coastal locations, but nothing beats the Ayrshire coastline around Dunure. Whenever I revisit, I am transported to idyllic summers cemented in my childhood memory.

A Day in the Life of… A GREENKEEPER

Ian Campbell began his career as an apprentice greenkeeper at Turnberry Golf Course. From there he spent nine years at Maybole working on both the bowling green and the golf course. He was then greenkeeper at Belleisle Golf Course for five years before moving into general grounds maintenance.


Over 800 bowling clubs are affiliated to Bowls Scotland. Maidens is just one them.

Established in 1968, the club sits adjacent to Maidens Harbour and considers itself the most picturesque bowling club in South Ayrshire. I must admit, it’s hard to argue.

issue 055


Regular readers of Ayrshire Magazine will know that I never considered myself a runner. Certainly not a marathon runner. But after running my first marathon in 1982, I found myself running on a regular basis, initially to keep fit, and then later to raise money for charity.

Eric Liddell

The Olympic Games will return to Paris this summer, a hundred years after the events portrayed in the 1981 film, Chariots of Fire.


My humble boozer’s walls are plastered with posters, pictures, prints and all kind of pub paraphernalia… but the one thing you’ll never see is a calendar.

What Has Walking Football Ever Done For Me?

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked, “Walking football, what’s that about?” I would have enough money to pay my recent gas bill. It’s simple, just walk. There is of course a subtext to this. If football is just walking, then what good does it do for me?

Alan Graham

Photographers are the unsung heroes of the sporting world. Sure, they won’t score the goals that win the league, be first past the winning post, or hole the putt that wins the Open, but it’s their images that preserve the moment for eternity.

Meet Abigail May

Blazing a trail in the world of golf as a young woman is no mean feat as 16-year-old Abigail May can confirm. Sacrifices, relentless focus, determination and the challenge of juggling different commitments is all part of the process and, in Abigail’s case, it’s paying off as she moves confidently in the direction of her dreams.


I do not recall being in a gym at Glencairn Primary School in the 40s and 50s but I have vivid memories of playing outside in the playground (now a Tesco car park) and realise many of the games were embryo forms of sport.


As the clocks change at the end of March, the mornings grow lighter, and the evenings get longer, it can only mean one thing for many of us. Golf season is finally here.

Ayr Rugby Football Club

We love good news stories here at Ayrshire Magazine, so we’re delighted to say that one of Ayrshire’s most celebrated sporting institutions, Ayr Rugby Football Club, is going from strength to strength, both on and off the pitch.


To support Scotland in most sports requires the same amount of durability and resilience as a journeyman boxer. Brief moments of joy give you just enough hope to keep coming back for more, even if the entire experience has a certain degree of inevitability that you’re getting knocked out.


Cerys McCrindle was only three months old when she first dipped her tiny toes into the water of a swimming pool, and at that moment her parents, Karen and Ewan, could see how much she loved it.


Before we lose you at the mention of ‘algorithms’, we promise you’ll want to at least be aware of this if you run a website and want it to appear prominently. To explain the jargon, by ‘algorithm’, we basically just mean the deciding factors that Google uses to store and then present your website’s content when each of the 8.5 billion searches are made every day.

The Doctor’s Bath

One of Arran’s lesser-known attractions is, er, a bath. And, no, we don’t mean the pleasure of hopping into a soothing tub of hot water after a hard day’s sightseeing; the bath we’re thinking of lies outdoors, is totally exposed to the elements and isn’t exactly noted for the warmth of its water. Also, there’s every chance that you might end up sharing it… with swans.

Casting Cloots at Ladyton Loch

‘N’er cast a cloot until May is oot.’ This was always my late granny’s warning whenever we experienced a burst of glorious spring weather and my sister and I were tempted to remove a layer of a clothing.

Colour Vision Deficiency, Cosmopolitan and the Delights of Dahlias

My first serious girlfriend was called Mimi (her parents enjoyed opera). I used to enjoy reading her Cosmopolitan magazine.

Economic Survey of Scottish Business

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce are delighted to share the latest results of the Quarterly Economic Survey of Scottish Business carried out by Scottish Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the Fraser of Allander Institute.


The annual Ayrshire Business Awards will be the culmination of Ayrshire Business Week, organised by the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and is dedicated to promoting and supporting businesses throughout the region.

The Rise of Coaching to Maximise Performance

Whether in sport, business or life, coaching is on the rise as a learning approach designed to drive the transformational change we so often need to operate at our highest levels.

The Pros and Cons of Sport

Sport and exercise are good for you… aren’t they? I was generally the smallest player on the rugby pitch, but the confidence, feeling of belonging, social skills, and physical fitness are the reasons I encourage my kids to partake in individual and team sports today.

Supporting our children in these challenging times

COVID caused our lives to change, and the future still feels uncertain. Change can be a significant cause of chaos not only for us, but also for our children. Here are some steps to help you support your child.


Buddha bowls, also known as nourish bowls, poke bowls, grain bowls and even glow bowls, offer a perfect, nutritionally balanced way of eating. By their very nature the diversity of goodness in every bowl means they are beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat. So where does the term Buddha bowl come from?

Rock the Nile 2024

We’ve not enjoyed the best of weather so far this year, but the clouds parted on Easter Saturday for Ayr’s annual Rock the Nile event.


Ayr is a town that has a rich cultural history dating to the days of the bard. A town that is proud host to the oldest art deco cinema building in Scotland and as the recent rejuvenation taking place in Ayr High Street sets a precedent in preservation, we looked back at Ayr’s High Street past for the next step in once again achieving Ayr’s legendary status in Scotland’s culture and arts.

Drew McCulloch

When you think of the glamorous world of rock and roll, the Ayrshire town of Ardrossan isn’t the first place that springs to mind. It is, however, the home town of one of the most engaging and interesting characters I have met, and also provides inspiration for the title of his most recent album, Cannon Hill, the area where he grew up.


Prior to my chat with local author, Martin Stewart, I’d read his recently released debut crime novel, Double Proof. The protagonist, Robbie Gould, is introduced to readers wearing a dressing gown, a plastic rain bonnet and a pair of slippers, as he drinks tea from a pink mug. The image instantly puts a smile on my face. It’s a smile that remains until the very last chapter. I love it when a book does that!

Theatre of Dreams

Collaboration is king when it comes to performing on the pitch and on the stage. The similarities between football and theatre start with getting your team right but don’t end there.


Sports and cinema. Two pastimes that glue us to the screen; that captivate us with heroes and villains and unique stories that rapidly change. Where hope disintegrates before our eyes, then rouses and appears from what seems like nowhere.

Carrick History Society

An unassuming navy-blue ledger bore signs of age, but its cover carried no title. Yet, when Simon Glendenning turned the page, it revealed a fascinating picture of Maybole’s history. Among others, a slaughterman and a factory proprietor spanned the social divide to demonstrate a town pulling together in a time of need.

Beverley Watson

Although Maybole lass, Beverley Watson, comes from a family that’s no stranger to the performing arts – her father was the lead singer in a rockabilly band – it’s fair to say that she probably never expected to embark on a career that would see her work on both sides of the camera and appear in a Star Wars-related TV series.

Dundonald Links

Following its revival as a golf course in 2003, Dundonald Links rapidly acquired a reputation as one of the nation’s finest and most challenging links-style golf courses, playing host to a number of eminent tournaments including the 2017 Scottish Open.

Prestwick Tennis and Fitness

Situated in Whinfield Place, just off the main Ayr Road, lies one of the top tennis and fitness facilities in Scotland. Prestwick Tennis and Fitness is a not-for-profit organisation aspiring to be accessible and inclusive to all.

Gibsons Auto Services

For over 70 years, Land Rover has made some of the finest four-wheel drive vehicles on the planet, something that’s borne out by the marque’s large and passionate owner base. Indeed, for many people nothing else but a Land Rover will do.


As we delve deeper into discovering more of the world, prepare to be transported to breath-taking destinations and embark on unforgettable adventures as we uncover the wonders of travel with one of the industry’s most seasoned experts.

Ayrshire Sheds Limited

For over a quarter of a century, Ayrshire Sheds Limited has been building and supplying sheds, workshops, summer houses, wooden garages, and fencing from its premises in York Street, Ayr.

Bowman Garden Machinery

It’s the time of year when the hills (and everywhere else, for that matter) are alive with the sound of garden machinery as a nation of keen gardeners get to work.

Vets4Pets Ayrshire: Champions of Compassion and Community

Located in the heart of Ayrshire, Vets4Pets Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock, serves independently as a reliable centre of care and support for our cherished pets, demonstrating the essence of compassion and community spirit.


Pro Paints is an independent decorating centre based in Ayr, offering high quality paints to both the trade and the public.

ROXX Flooring Limited

Formed in 2020, Ayr-based ROXX Flooring Limited specialises in the supply, installation, removal, and recycling of flooring at major events and exhibitions.

Millaniel Shoes & Accessories

In the heart of Mauchline, at 9 Earl Grey Street, lies the hidden gem of Millaniel Shoes & Accessories.

Aurora Interiors

Step inside Aurora Interiors in Mauchline and you’ll not only be greeted with a warm Ayrshire welcome, you’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to home accessories and gifts.

Discount Carpets & Beds Limited

Over the past two decades, Discount Carpets & Beds has specialised in the sale of floorcoverings and beds to both domestic and commercial customers.

Milestone Developments

Established in 2013, Milestone Developments, based in Ayr, has constructed over 400 new residences across various stunning developments throughout Ayrshire.


For over five decades, Wright’s Hardware Limited has served local communities by blending traditional High Street values with modern retail approaches.

Fairlie Furniture

Nestled in the bucolic splendour near the foot of Fairlie Moor, Fairlie Furniture produces an extensive range of individually designed and crafted hardwood furniture, including kitchens, dining ranges, tables, cabinets, bespoke storage solutions, and bedroom furniture.

Gibson & Goold

The 25th of June this year will mark an incredible anniversary for an exceptional local business. Gibson & Goold will celebrate their 70th anniversary, an incredible achievement for an independent family run business whose entire ethos focuses on the best quality and service to help you make your house into a home.


What was once a subject of specific reticent is now commonplace in life across media and within the workplace.


Every individual has a subconscious. Your subconscious mind is always there, most noticeably when you sleep. In hypnotherapy your subconscious is being amplified to help with problems in the conscious world.

Wine chat and quaffing advice from the Corney & Barrow wine experts!

As we enter the spring months and the arrival of warmer weather (in theory at least!), we feel the urge to move away from the big, comforting wintry whites and reds, and seek out something lighter and brighter. This is when the underdog, rosé, steps forward.

The Pizzaioli Dream

If you love authentic Italian food, matched with good wine and served in a casual yet traditional setting, then Pizzaioli Italian Eaterie in Ayr is the place for you.

The Park Hotel, Kilmarnock

Opened in 2002, the Park Hotel stands adjacent to the BBSP stadium, one of Scotland’s most modern football stadiums and home to Kilmarnock FC, a club with a proud and successful history.


When Joanne Brown set up TLC in June 2019, she was determined to put the tender, loving care back into the homecare sector.


“Our mobile hairdressing van has been a project in the making for the past two years with the project team consisting of individuals from East Ayrshire Churches Homelessness Action SCIO, and Police Scotland.”


Robert Burns, quill in hand, with his border collie, Luath, by his side, looks down at me. Mallie the sheep, resplendent in her tartan sash, watches over a gaggle of geese, and in the garden, bonny bluebells, thistles and daffodils flourish.


Celebrating over two decades of exquisite craftsmanship, the Jewel Room stands as a testament to timeless elegance and unparalleled expertise. Established in 1998 with the support of the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust, our founder Denise embarked on a journey at the tender age of 24, fuelled by passion and a dedication to her craft.

J & A McGrady traded as a shoe shop in Cumnock for over 160 years. Established in 1848, it was a family business selling quality footwear and offering a traditional, personal service until Angus McGrady retired in 2016.