Dr Connor McGaughey has lived in South Ayrshire since 2011 after becoming a GP Partner in The Surgery @ 9 Alloway Place. He continues to serve NHS patients at this Ayr-based practice today. Having visited many times over the preceding decade he grew to appreciate both the beauty and opportunities of the Ayrshire coastline as well as the people that live within the area.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Connor moved to Glasgow to study Medicine in 1997, graduating with his MBChB in 2002.

He then worked in various hospitals across the west of Scotland before settling in the Victoria Hospital, Glasgow, where he completed his medical rotation and his Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP).

During this time, he gained a wide range of experience and developed his knowledge and skills in specialties such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory and Care of the Elderly Medicine. Ultimately no single hospital specialty retained his passion, so he decided to become a General Practitioner, attracted by the “variety of the work and unpredictable nature of patients presentations”.

After a further job in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, he completed his GP training and Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) in 2008.

He returned work as a GP in Glasgow before moving to the city of Gisborne, New Zealand, where he worked on the North Island for 12 months in 2009/10. However, from Connor’s point of view, Scotland was where his friends and life belonged, so he returned his expertise to Ayrshire and continued to work as a GP within the NHS.

“I enjoy working in the NHS,” Connor told AM. “However, I have seen the quality of what it offers patients diminish, especially in the last five years within Ayrshire. With increased demand, hospital services being spread more thinly, and a static GP workforce, some aspects of General Practice are no longer offered or readily accessible.”

Keen to promote good health and preventative medicine, Connor was frustrated to realise that this had gradually eroded in General Practice.

“It has left health motivated patients without an outlet to have a routine check-up and the wait for some procedures can be significant. Additionally, not all surgeries offer the same services. For this reason, I felt there was a gap in care that had the potential for a private service.”

As a result, Connor set up McG Medical in 2023, offering local, bespoke, private GP consultations that are pre-bookable, face-to-face, and allow more time than your NHS GP. The clinic is based at West Lodge, Corraith, between Symington and Troon.

“The clinic is set in a beautiful building among picture-perfect grounds and is quite different to NHS GP surgeries. It is a relaxing, secluded environment, and most patients comment on this when they visit. The additional benefit of private GP consultations is the luxury of time. Patients feel more at ease and feel they can be listened to more thoroughly as a result.”

The services offered by McG Medical are either not available through the NHS, are timebracketed (eg. bowel screening), attract long waiting times, or are time-pressured (such as consultation times).

“Everything is face-to-face,” Connor confirms, “and is focused on being patient centred.”

All consultations are followed up with a full written report, with an explanation of any investigation results and any health considerations for the future.

Services include:

  • 360-degree medical: Head-to-toe check-up including bowel cancer screening, prostate or ovarian health, cardiovascular, lung, digestive and skin health.
  • Health and lifestyle check-ups: These can be a one off, or annual health checks that are malleable to ensure they are tailored to meet every client’s concern.
  • Heart and Lung health check-ups including blood vessel assessments, lung function tests and scans as if needed.
  • Skin and mole checks.
  • Bowel cancer screening.
  • Prostate and urinary symptom check.
  • Joint and soft tissue injections: shoulder, knees, hip bursa and plantar fasciia.
  • General GP consults (30 minute duration).
  • Sporting event pre assessments.

Connor has always been passionate about the outdoors, sport and keeping fit. Helping others to remain healthy, or, helping them to return to their best health is just as important. The consultations through McG Medical, Connor believes, offer the people of Ayrshire with a quality, bespoke private health care option not available anywhere else in Ayrshire.