New Year, New and Improved Services!

At Vets4Pets Ayrshire we are always looking for ways to improve our services, as well as add new services that will benefit our patients and clients alike. We know pets are family and appreciate the importance of giving them the best possible care whilst making the experience for our clients as seamless and convenient as it can be. From same-day blood results to pain clinics and acupuncture for your pet, we have many services available at your fingertips – with no long wait times! We constantly review our services to ensure we are a step ahead and leading the way in clinical excellence.

We have now started doing laparoscopic spays at our Ayr practice. What many of you will know as ‘keyhole’ surgery, has many benefits for your pet as well as you, as the owner. Laparoscopic spaying is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which involves making two tiny incisions and passing a small camera into the abdomen. This then allows the vet surgeon to visualise the ovaries and remove these safely by cautery and with much less trauma to the surrounding tissue. There are many advantages of a laparoscopic spay compared to a traditional spay such as:

  • Reduced pain due to a less invasive procedure
  • Smaller wounds (normally 2 incisions)
  • Faster return to normal exercise (3 days rather than 10-14 days)
  • Reduced post-operative complications
  • No external stitches for your pet to chew
  • Only the ovaries are removed rather than both the ovaries and the uterus

We are extremely excited by this new service and are thrilled to see how happy and comfortable our patients are after surgery.

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses have a huge part to play in providing an invaluable service to our patients and clients. We now have acupuncture and pain clinics available at our Ayr and Irvine practices. Some of our vets and nurses have completed comprehensive training in these services and love putting these into practice and seeing the benefits they can achieve.

Acupuncture is a form of complementary medicine which involves placing very fine needles into specific points over the body. This creates electrical stimulation in the nerves which can assist in treating different
physical conditions such as gastric issues and chronic pain such as arthritis.

Our pain clinics are run by our nurses with the support of our vets. As a team they focus on finding sources and areas of pain and creating a treatment plan which may include using medications in conjunction with complementary therapies and lifestyle adjustments. This will be evaluated frequently in order to strive to achieve the best outcome and have content and pain free pets.

We offer same-day blood results as we can run many tests in-house. We can run biochemistry, haematology and certain disease-testing bloods, all from the practice with results that day. Biochemistry is the examination of substances found in the blood which can give us an indication as to how well the body’s organs are functioning. Haematology is the examination of the blood itself and what types and numbers of red and white blood cells are present. This gives an indication of whether there are any blood disorders present. By being able to offer same-day results for these blood tests, it means we can quickly diagnose and start treatment with the hope of returning your beloved pets back to full health as soon as

We have a state of the art ultrasound scanner at our Kilmarnock practice which allows us to carry out ultrasound examinations of the chest and abdominal cavities. During these scans we can assess the appearance, size and positioning of organs and determine if there are abnormalities in these. It also allows us to carry out pregnancy scans in all small animal species.

These are just some of the many services we offer. Each of our practices have digital x-ray, dentistry services, in-house operating theatre, in-house laboratory and separate dog and cat wards as well as an isolation ward.

Every pet we see benefits from personalised care supported by the latest technology, not to mention the gentle touch of our expert vet team. Our aim is to make your pet’s time with us as comfortable as we can – and to send them home happy, healthy and well.

From general animal health treatments and welfare advice, to emergency medical procedures, we offer the full range of veterinary services. For more information please contact our friendly reception team who will be happy to help.