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Explore Kilmarnock

nce known for its weavers and carpet markets, Kilmarnock is probably best known for being the original home of Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker. But that’s not its only claim to fame.

The Bowie Park Training Facility

Billy Bowie’s commitment to Kilmarnock Football Club has never been in question, but recently
revealed plans for a state of the art training facility on the outskirts of the town is further proof

Mccallum Bagpipes

We’re all familiar with the unique sound of bagpipes, but have you ever thought about how they’re actually made?


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Dean Castle

The maid-servant’s foot taps the pedal in time to her heartbeat. Atop the distaff lies golden flax, tied with her favourite ribbon. Her fingers tease the yellow fibres towards the spinning wheel in a gentle motion. What happens next is unknown.

The story of my home town

Kilmarnock remains a friendly, welcoming west coast town. Centred in farmland but with a short trip to the coast or up to Glasgow it is a fine location.

The Kilmarnock Music Scene

Long before we all had PCs and mobile phones, how did the youth fill their time? Well, if I had a Tardis I
would take you back to Kilmarnock in the mid 1980s.

George Duff

When George Duff retired from his sales career in 2014 the last thing he expected to do was set
up a business selling stag heads. Eight years later, Hummingbird Sculptures is thriving and George
couldn’t be happier.