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Arran Festival of Food and Drink

As well as being the most southerly of Scotland’s populated islands, Arran is one of the largest, having a total area of 167 square miles and being home to just under 5000 people.
Although best known as a tourist destination, Arran is also home to several producers of fine foods, from ice cream to oatcakes, marketed under the ‘Taste of Arran’ banner. And whilst produce from Arran is quite widely available in the west of Scotland, there is no better place to sample it than on the island itself.


It’s a well-known fact that more and more farmers are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to secure a sustainable future through farming. As a result, they are looking to diversify, with many turning to glamping pods, alpaca rides, or wind turbines to subsidise their farming income.
Neil and Jen McGeoch, however, had other plans for their cattle farm in the South Ayrshire countryside.

Nduja Ravioli

Cauliflower Velouté with Black Pudding and Scallop

A Different Kind of Management

The Honorary Ayrshireman, Jim McSherry, Talks to AM

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Inflammation is a hot topic right now because it’s at the heart of nearly every chronic disease we face in the modern world and finding ways to fight it can be quite the challenge.


Brandon, do you really think that homing in on just one product is a good move, are you not a bit nervous about that? No!

Bouillabaisse and Rouille

Served with crusty bread

Hot Honey Old Fashioned

I’ve always loved the combination of hot spice and sweetness mixing together with the food I eat so, why wouldn’t it work in a mixed drink?

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The Ottolenghi Influence.

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Colour. Flavour. Texture. Fragrance.

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