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Two Way Soft & Crispy Spring Lamb

By Hugh Gallagher INGREDIENTS You will need1 whole shoulder of lamb1 rack of lamb1 eggMilkBreadcrumbs Marinade1/2 sprig thyme leaves1 whole garlic bulb (peeled)Salt and pepper50ml olive oilI tbsp Arran mustard Sauce3 tbsp redcurrant jelly1 tbsp tomato pureeSplash lemon juiceSplash Worcester sauceReserved cooking liquid from the shoulder with the fat removed (should have solidified over night)100ml…

Pegu Club

Created in the 1920s at The Pegu Club, an ex-pat gentleman’s club in Rangoon, Burma. The club was named after the Pegu, a Burmese river, and its members were those Britons who were senior government and military officials at the time.

Butter Chicken

Hugh Gallagher INGREDIENTS Marinade Ingredients1 tbsp fresh garlic1 tbsp fresh ginger2 tsp hot chili powder½ tbsp garam masala60ml natural yoghurtsplash vegetable oil4 large chicken breasts Sauce Ingredients12 tomatoes cut into halves5 large pieces cassia bark(cinnamon sticks can be used as a replacement)4 whole red chiliesChili powder6 cloves6 cardamon pods3 bay leaves1 tbsp chopped ginger1 tbsp…

The Bevy Store

The Bevy Store is an online off sales offering a variety of handcrafted bottled cocktails, premium spirits, wines and beers delivered straight to your door. Based in the south side of Glasgow, The Bevy Store is a hub for local brands, including the vegan friendly brand that launched into the spot light early 2022, Panther Mlk. The infamous oat mlk cocktail is made in the on-site production facility and sold across the UK via the online store.

Food News

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