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The Art of Lighting

Most of us have that one room in our house, usually north-facing, which always feels cold or dark and lacks atmosphere and cosiness. This aesthetic can’t be fixed by any amount of redecorating or rearranging of furniture. Here is where lighting is key and where we can drastically change the overall ambience of a room. Lighting of an interior, particularly layering lighting, is critical in extracting the most from a beautifully designed room. Equally though, the wrong lighting can cause a room to feel uncomfortable and overexposed.

What makes someone want to take on a renovation?

For me, I believe my dad has a large part to play in it. All those years watching Homes Under the Hammer with him fuelled a spark inside me. Taking on an unloved building and transforming it into something bespoke that fits your needs, while being able to create a nice chunk of equity at the same time, sold it to me!

design studio extension

Design Studio

To Extend Or Not To Extend – That Is The Question

Laura Michlek Girl With The Pink Door

The Girl With The Pink Door

We get to step over the threshold