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SAL Scamp

In the 1960s, Scottish Aviation Limited, an aircraft manufacturer based at Prestwick, set up a New Products Development Department (usually just referred to as ‘The Projects Department’) to explore other manufacturing areas into which SAL might diversify, with the caveat that any such endeavour should ideally make use of the rich and varied skills of its existing workforce.

Buying a car at auction

For most people, buying a car is a major expense, usually second only to the cost of buying or extending a house. That’s reason enough to take care when buying a car but the sad fact that cars can – and sometimes do – turn into money pits makes it all the more important that you make sure you buy well, particularly if the car you’re buying is pre-owned.

Ayrshire Vintage Roadrun

Keeping on trucking… David Milloy For nearly the last forty years, the roads of Ayrshire have hosted a colourful cavalcade of classic and vintage commercial vehicles every July.Initiated in 1986 by Bill Reid, the Ayrshire Vintage Commercial Road Run initially started from outside the gates of the then Volvo factory in Irvine. Participants in the…

Strathclyde 4×4 Response

Helping the emergency services to help others David Milloy We all know that the emergency services are just a three-digit phone call away but did you know that they sometimes have to call on members of the general public to assist them?It’s long been the case that the emergency services have approached owners of four-wheel…

Ayrshire Motor Show 2023

A different kind of horsepower at Ayr Racecourse

A Day in the Life of…

Originally from Paisley, Stewart McCormack has lived in Ayr since 2015.

Ayrshire Classics

Driving the past into the future

AC 3000ME

The British sports car with a Scottish connection

Hi Ho Sylvie!

Hurrah! 2nd October 2021 and time to collect Sylvie, my new campervan.


There was an emergency when driving to The Woods, a site near Alva, when a red light began flashing on the dashboard. With no handbook and all words on screen in Japanese, I was up a creek without a paddle! A sign with directions to a campervan dealer near Perth saw me swing off the A9 into a forecourt full of impressively luxurious vans. Had I gone through the looking glass? I approached the receptionist in the plush entrance.

Ayrshire Vehical Rental