It was a comfortable first night in Beryl, with a delighted Cleo taking advantage of the lack of space to tuck into my back. Not sure I approve, but it was rather nice. In the darkness of the night, we crept across to the facilities, me in silk dressing gown and wellies, Cleo on a lead attached to a collar of flashing lights. Anyone looking out might think the Martians had landed.

East Ayrshire Car Club

Formed in 1963 through the merger of Cumnock & District Car Club and the NCB East Ayr Area Car Club, East Ayrshire Car Club has grown to hold a unique place in Scottish motorsport, for it owns the only dedicated sprint circuit in Scotland.

Sheila A Grant

Perils With Beryl

Converted campervan adventures

Aston Martin LM4

Aston Martin LM4

LM4 was built in 1930 as a racing car for Aston Martin.

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