Casting Cloots at Ladyton Loch

‘N’er cast a cloot until May is oot.’ This was always my late granny’s warning whenever we experienced a burst of glorious spring weather and my sister and I were tempted to remove a layer of a clothing.

Colour Vision Deficiency, Cosmopolitan and the Delights of Dahlias

My first serious girlfriend was called Mimi (her parents enjoyed opera). I used to enjoy reading her Cosmopolitan magazine.

Spring Blossoms on the Burnawn Walk

She jogs downhill, in the middle of the road, towards me – a beautiful stoat, her smooth coat a rich chestnut brown, her belly ivory white. A small animal dangles from her mouth, its tail swaying to and fro as she trots along. At first, I suspect she has caught an unlucky mouse or, perhaps a vole.


Will I ever learn? You would think so after over forty years of marriage. There are times when honesty is best avoided. It was back in January. Our house had been full over the Christmas and New Year festivities. Inevitably, however well prepared we had been, there were lots of leftovers.


David Cooper was only 17 years old when he first started sheep farming at a 472 acre farm in Muirkirk. The farmhouse had previously been abandoned and, as a result, had no heating, hot water or windows.


What do you do if you’re the victim of a hit and run accident in which you lose one of your limbs? Well, if you’re Jamie Dempsey, you leave hospital within three weeks, return to work within six weeks, and then pursue your life-long dream of becoming a falconer.

New Year, New and Improved Services!

At Vets4Pets Ayrshire we are always looking for ways to improve our services, as well as add new services that will benefit our patients and clients alike. We know pets are family and appreciate the importance of giving them the best possible care whilst making the experience for our clients as seamless and convenient as it can be.

Finding February’s Flowers

Linda Brown Are you, like me, a galanthophile? If you are, this is just the right time of year to indulge in our shared passion. In case you don’t know what a galanthophile is (which I must confess, I didn’t until very recently), let me explain; a galanthophile is the proper term for a person…


The reaction from our friends and relatives to our announcement that we intended to move to a house with a much larger garden was not universally positive. True, I was the wrong side of sixty-five, I was struggling to make my allotment fully productive, and my back was not wholly reliable, but the allure of a good-sized garden without the time constraints of full-time work was irresistible.


It’s not unusual to spot wild deer in Ayrshire, the iconic red deer, in particular, being perfectly at home in the county’s bountiful countryside. Drive through Mauchline, though, and you’re likely to see the native red deer in much greater numbers.
Ross Woodburn set up Woodrose Venison Farm in 2016. The first thing I do is clarify the company name.