Regular readers of Ayrshire Magazine will know that I never considered myself a runner. Certainly not a marathon runner. But after running my first marathon in 1982, I found myself running on a regular basis, initially to keep fit, and then later to raise money for charity.

Eric Liddell

The Olympic Games will return to Paris this summer, a hundred years after the events portrayed in the 1981 film, Chariots of Fire.


My humble boozer’s walls are plastered with posters, pictures, prints and all kind of pub paraphernalia… but the one thing you’ll never see is a calendar.

What Has Walking Football Ever Done For Me?

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked, “Walking football, what’s that about?” I would have enough money to pay my recent gas bill. It’s simple, just walk. There is of course a subtext to this. If football is just walking, then what good does it do for me?

Alan Graham

Photographers are the unsung heroes of the sporting world. Sure, they won’t score the goals that win the league, be first past the winning post, or hole the putt that wins the Open, but it’s their images that preserve the moment for eternity.

Meet Abigail May

Blazing a trail in the world of golf as a young woman is no mean feat as 16-year-old Abigail May can confirm. Sacrifices, relentless focus, determination and the challenge of juggling different commitments is all part of the process and, in Abigail’s case, it’s paying off as she moves confidently in the direction of her dreams.


I do not recall being in a gym at Glencairn Primary School in the 40s and 50s but I have vivid memories of playing outside in the playground (now a Tesco car park) and realise many of the games were embryo forms of sport.


As the clocks change at the end of March, the mornings grow lighter, and the evenings get longer, it can only mean one thing for many of us. Golf season is finally here.

Ayr Rugby Football Club

We love good news stories here at Ayrshire Magazine, so we’re delighted to say that one of Ayrshire’s most celebrated sporting institutions, Ayr Rugby Football Club, is going from strength to strength, both on and off the pitch.


To support Scotland in most sports requires the same amount of durability and resilience as a journeyman boxer. Brief moments of joy give you just enough hope to keep coming back for more, even if the entire experience has a certain degree of inevitability that you’re getting knocked out.