Trump Turnberry

The stunning ayrshire spa where you can spend a luxurious day –
Or start a limitless career

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or considering a career in the industry yourself, the Spa at Trump Turnberry is the place to be…

A landmark on the Ayrshire coast for 117 years, Trump Turnberry needs no introduction. The venue’s golf courses have staged some of the sport’s most famous battles and the red-roofed Edwardian hotel is synonymous with luxury.

What you may not know is that the resort has also become a leading figure in the ever-growing Spa industry. The Spa at Turnberry is an immersive, all-encompassing haven of relaxation nestled amongst 800 acres of picturesque Scottish countryside. Everything guests could want in a spa is here, ranging from a heated 65ft infinity pool and saunas to ice fountains and sensory showers.

Trump Turnberry boasts a hard-earned reputation for outstanding customer service at every level of the business, and the Spa is no exception. For a taste of the high life, Turnberry’s Day Spa Experiences are an excellent starting point. Alongside full access to the facilities and afternoon tea, the five Day Spa Experiences include specially chosen treatments designed to revitalise the body and relieve stress.

From £95, the short-but-sweet Tonn Na Mara experience treats guests to a luxurious hydrotherapy bath before their afternoon tea. Other bespoke packages include Cladach, which combines an upper-body massage with relaxing facial, and Dhriùchd, which adds a salt-and-oil exfoliation.

Options only get bigger and more tempting from there, however, with Oirthir – an afternoon spent with a full body wrap and full body massage in succession. Or, for guests who want to completely surrender to this oasis of relaxation, Làn-Mara is the ultimate spa experience. Let expert therapists guide you through a Hydrobath, body wrap, full body massage and facial, leaving no stone unturned to give you the pampering of a lifetime.

One of the many things that sets the Spa at Turnberry apart from the competition is its partnership with Scottish brand ishga. Based on the island of Lewis and Harris, ishga uses locally sourced, freshly harvested seaweed in its organic skincare products. Trump Turnberry has built on ishga’s work to devise a range of experiences that harness the natural revitalising properties of seaweed, which join a long menu of old favourites and innovative treatments at the resort.

At the heart of the Spa is Turnberry’s team of therapists, tasked with delivering a world-class experience to guests every day. They call one of the UK’s top spa facilities their workplace, meeting and serving clients who have travelled from across the globe to a world-famous resort, performing a wide range of classic and customised treatments to an uncompromising standard every day. If that sounds like a career you’d be interested in, the good news is that you don’t have to look any further than Trump Turnberry to get started.

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a therapist is the art of massage. And while the Turnberry Spa does perform thousands of massages a year, it’s only one part of what it means to be a therapist at an elite spa.

For anyone considering a route into the world of spas, it’s hard to think of a more superior place to learn your craft. That’s why Trump Turnberry is partnering with award-winning training provider The Academy to give future therapists the tools to go far in the industry. With The Academy’s Spa Therapist Apprenticeship Scheme, applicants have the opportunity to receive six to nine months of first-class paid training and a guaranteed job upon successful completion of their training.

Positions are available for anyone from school leavers to candidates coming from long-term unemployment or even those chasing a switch in career. No prior experience in the spa trade is necessary – just drive, high personal standards and a willingness to learn. There’s arguably never been a better time to get into the industry. The world of spas is constantly expanding as technology evolves, and there’s always a place for enthusiastic therapists looking to master their trade; no prior skills or knowledge are required to become an expert who is always in demand.

To find out more about starting your career in the Spa at Trump Turnberry, please contact